The Reason Why Everyone is Obsessing About Mount Ijen

peoples facing to ijen crater lake
Peoples facing to Ijen crater lake

Tour package Banyuwangi – the reason why everyone is obsessing about mount ijen In 1971 a Frenchman named Nicolas Hulot and his wife Katia Kraft were the first people Introducing Ijen to the world that year Ijen was still unknown to many people, Nicolas Hulot explained how beautiful Ijen and the severity of the sulfur miners, he published this in the French geo magazine. since then Ijen crater began to be known to the world thanks to them

where is ijen?
Ijen Crater is located in Banyuwangi Regency, East Java, about 33 km from Banyuwangi City ijen crater is a acidic crater lake with turquoise color in the southeast crater rim there is an active solfatara field actively gain sulfur which causes irritation to the skin and respiratory problems.

Then what is the reason someone wants to go to Ijen?

There are several reasons that make people want to visit Ijen, that is :

  1. see the rigors of sulfur miners
  2. blue fire
Miners breaking the sulfur

first we will discuss the sulfur miners history they mining began in the Dutch colonial era precisely in 1911 when the colonial government forced local residents to mine sulfur and sell it to the colonial government
after independence the practice disappeared by itself and in 1970 there was a company called candi Ngrimbi that receives sulfur sales, sulfur mining begins again.

the miners worked hard in the bad environment such as climbing steep paths without safety tools, poisonous gas from sulfur, and
use makeshift tools that is:

  • cloth / cover then moistened with water, it is hoped that this moisture traps small particles of sulfur fumes
  • hammer to break sulfur
  • bamboo basket to load sulfur

there is something unique about these miners, they really like smoking even though their jobs are in extreme environments, according a myth among them by smoking their stamina could increase.

Miners load a chunks of sulfur

the price of sulfur alone costs 1000 / kg. Miners can carry around 70 kg and can mine twice a day. sulfur all of them are accommodated or sold at PT. Ngrimbi Temple which is located at Paltuding Post and they are paid at that time after weighing. indeed the results are greater than those working in the plantation but the risk is big it can arguably this is the most difficult work in Indonesia and even in the world.

Miners carry the sulfur

How do they mining sulfur?

The mining route located in the south of the crater with 800 meter long rocky descent on the left stood up a slope with looking fragile as well as could happen landslide everytime and the opposite is ravine . there are mining sites used pipe to drain liquid sulfur from the solfatar and the sulfur will be doused with water then the sulfur becomes hard and they begin to break it into small chunks load in a bamboo basket.

Ijen blue flames

The next thing is the phenomenon of blue fire, as I recall, it became famous in 2011, but not many people are interested because of
must start climbing in the night. why blue fire can be famous and whats make unique instead of aurora spoiling more your eyes
in iceland.

maybe this is what makes it unique :

  • blue fire occurs in a volcano (ijen volcano)
  • in indonesia only happen in Ijen
  • the possibility all over the world is only in Ijen.

How is blue fire formed?

how blue fire is formed I will not explain scientifically it might be simply a high pressure gas out from solfatara hole (this gas is very hot temperature) then come into contact with the surrounding air then there is phenomenon
blue flame. this phenomenon can only be seen at night because of that the climb must be start early in the morning.

Is it worth to see Ijen?
all back to you guys but when I asked them 7 out of 10 people said seeing blue fire was a must done in their lives.

that’s all from me “The best view comes after the hardest climb.” live only once time is not a big deal to explore new things.

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